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-AKAiSO · bian. -AKAiSO torrent · ion. Sample. 12, Air Sound Library, Various instruments and sounds collection. 13, AKAI S- 15, Akai Samples Library vol. .. , Soundscan 43 Arabian Traditions, USB. AMG Global Trance Mission Vol.2 AKAi KONTAKT WAV Specially created dance samples with the emphasis firmly on analogue synthesis. Roland S full factory preset library (Rack version of the S50) Flavours [AKAI]; USB Soundscan vol – Arabian Traditions [AKAI]; USB Soundscan vol – Indian Traditions.

Soundscan Vol. 43 Arabian Tradition /Akai Sample CD, Download. Voices of Istanbul Akai, Download M-Audio Pro Sessions: Vol. 50 "Rice and Beans".

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Vol. 43 Arabian Tradition /Akai Sample CD, Download. 43 – Arabian Traditions [AKAI]; USB Soundscan vol – Indian. AKAI S Akai - AKAiSO".

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