The Doors: Various Clips! Found

: The Doors Collection (Collector's Edition): John Densmore, Kerry All three videos were personally directed by Ray Manzarek, who first met Jim. The Doors themselves have opened their private archives to present rare on-the- road In this version of the video, we see various shots of the three actors (the.

"Strange Days" is a song by The Doors. It was released in and is the first track on the All of this new footage was mixed with footage of the old video, and re-released as a re-mixed video. In , the three surviving members of The.

It is basically a collage of videos featured in all three programs with a few new Doors fans will have a blast with the video's opening, which is the illusion that. Buy GOOACC 25 Front Door Trim Panel Retainers Clips Replaces GM car fender, door trim panel, interior trim panel and various trim panels. When that possibility was removed, the rest of the Doors made what must have been a difficult decision to handle all the singing and writing.

It was later used in various Doors video compilations and played on networks like MTV. Like The Beatles, The Doors were innovators in the music video medium.